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"After months of struggling with plantar fasciitis, Esti's treatment made a huge difference to the pain I was feeling in my heel. A few days after my first treatment, I was able to wear a pair of heels to lunch and after my second treatment I am ready to try a short run. This is after 7 weeks of no running. I highly recommend this treatment."

Leanne Eldridge - Ultra marathon runner

“I recently had a pregnancy massage with Esti. I like a strong massage, and find it   frustrating than when I am pregnant I either get denied a massage or get soft feathery rubbing. I went to see Esti and she gave me a nice relaxing treatment with the benefits of a good therapeutic remedial massage. The treatment was what I was looking for and I left feeling blissed out”

Elissa Koskinen – Yoga Instructor, Massage therapist , Mother

“I injured my lower back while wake boarding and I was recommended to see Esti by a friend. Before Esti, I have never had a remedial massage and didn’t know anything about such therapies.
I was in a lot of pain and I had a deadline for the film that  I was producing – I didn’t have any time to waste. I was amazed by the outcome and pain relief that Esti provided me after one treatment. She fixed me after one treatment”

Marijose Cruz – producer, editor and writer,

I have been suffering from a sciatica and lower back pain for almost a year now after running City2Surf. I have seen a variety of doctors and physio’s since, but I find that Esti’s remedial massage the most effective of all (and I’ve tried everything!). While I know I have an injury that needs some formal treatment, I keep coming back to Esti as she really knows where to press to release my pain. Every time I walk out of her place, the pain has fully disappeared and that feeling can last for almost a week. Its a great relief for my back and legs!. In the meantime I keep doing my physio exercises and continue physiotherapy (as Esti advised me too)

Tatiana Peralta, Project Consultant, kite surfer

Glad I took Esti's recommendation to try Bowen therapy instead of my usual remedial massage when my back and neck played up recently. A few days after the first Bowen treatment, my back and neck felt back to normal. Had a second session for good measure as a follow up and during that session could feel the whole right side of my shoulder/back releasing - much better effect than remedial massage has had (and I'm a big fan of Esti's remedial massage, so that's saying something!). The most surprising thing though is that halfway through the first session, I felt really alert, wakeful and full of energy - and that feeling has lasted since (that was 2 weeks ago now) - have more energy than I can remember, and I'm attributing it directly to that session. Thanks Esti.

Bianca, Pharmacist