Remedial Massage is the direct manipulation of soft tissues of the body. It aids in the healing and repair processes, it restores structural balance and prevents a recurrence of the problem.
Remedial Massage can help to heal an injury and it is also extremely useful in preventing the injury from re-occurring. This is done by using specialised massage techniques to manipulate  soft tissues of the body.

Remedial Massage can help with an enormous range of complaints such as relieving stress and tension and there are many techniques that are used as tools to effectively release muscle tension or trigger points for most areas of the body.  The side lying position is very beneficial to access muscles from a different direction. It can be used to release tight muscles in the hips and help with lower back pain and Sciatica.
The side lying position is also recommended for people that struggle to lay face down for a prolonged time.

Myofascial Release

Follows a specific application that the therapist applies on to the client in order for it to work. Unlike most massage were oil is used on the client, the myofascial therapist applies a small amount of balm to their elbow/ hand/ knuckles instead. The MFR therapist sinks into the tissue, wait for the tissue to melt and then follow the release of the tissue. Sometimes a release can take up 3-5 minutes. The picture below demonstrates the use of the knuckles to release the upper trapezius.

The Concept of Fascia    
The Fascial system  is connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, nerve, bone, blood vessel, organ, system and cell of the body. Therefore it has the potential to influence all of the above, because the fascial system ultimately determines the length and function of the body’s system. MFR is ultimately a connective tissue massage.

Theory of Myofascial Release

If we look at the myofascial system as a the body wearing a fascial sweater, then a fascial restriction in one area will strain areas away from the restriction and cause abnormal movement patterns in which can lead up to pain, joint compression and increase risk of injury. Therefore, by applying MFR we increase the range of motion, decrease fascial restrictions and restore normal structural and functional integrity.

Price list

1 hour $100

1 1/2 hour $150